About TurDef

We’re an impartial and independent source of information. We create specific content that informs our readers in Turkey and around the world. We started our publication as an internet page to provide trustworthy information about the defence industry, international relations, and armed forces. We daily scan the information available and investigate its accuracy before sharing It. We also provide exclusive news thanks to our sources. Our knowledge in international relations, defence industry and knowledge of doctrine allows us to write articles on the global defence industry. Our expertise, however, is the Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry. We share our news at turdef.com.

We categorise our news according to the related country and defence industry to ease reaching information.

We want to inform our readers in many aspects. It means we share our thoughts and opinions with them with our comments. We also provide information and keep them updated throughout our partnerships. We, therefore, establish partnerships to bring tender information about the defence and aerospace industry from open-source information providers

A portfolio of interviews, factory visits, platform analyses appear on the YouTube account TurDef. We distribute news from our social media accounts, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn according to readers’ preference. We also provide audio news for our readers who prefer to listen to the news.

About Founder / Editor-in-Chief

The founder of TurDef, Özgür Ekşi, has BA (Istanbul U), MSc (U of London / SOAS) and MA (Paris Sud XI/ CERIS) degrees in international relations. He has been working in the media sector since 1993, and he started to focus on the defence industry in 2005. He has worked as Defence Correspondent of Hürriyet Daily between 2005-2012. He co-established and ran C4Defence between 2012-2020. He has founded TurDef (Turkish Defence) in February 2021. He is currently the President of the Diplomacy Correspondents Association (DMD).

TurDef has promised to comply with the Professional Principles Of The Press. For more information about Press Council and its principles, please visit https://www.basinkonseyi.org.tr/professional-principles-of-the-press/