Altay’s Engine Passed Initial Tests

Altay’s Engine Passed Initial Tests

BMC Power made a statement regarding the Project, "BATU Power Group Project is a power group development project consisting of engine, transmission and cooling package given to BMC POWER by SSB to power our domestic and national tank ALTAY tank."

Altay’s Engine Passed Initial Tests

The statement does not include any specific information. The President Defence Industries, Professor İsmail Demir declared in March that the engine would be tested in April.

The contract for the ALTAY Main Battle Tank was signed between BMC Automotive Industry and Trade Inc and the Presidency of Defence Industries on June 13, 2018.

ALTAY MBT is currently using German MTU MT883 engine and the RENK HSWL 295 transmission as power group. Due to Germany"s embargo on the power group, the ALTAY Tank has not yet begun mass production.

The LTAY Main Battle Tank serial production contract was signed between the SSB and BMC Automotive on November 9, 2018. BMC is awarded to produce a total of 250 ALTAY tanks, 40 of which were ALTAY-T1 and 210 ALTAY-T2, in the first stage.

In project scope; The first serial production tank, T0 +, would be delivered in the 24th month and ALTAY-T1 deliveries would be completed in the 39th month of T0 +.

Altay’s Engine Passed Initial Tests

BATU Engine Features:

1500 HP Power Pack

12 Cylinder - V Type Engine

6 + 2 Cross Drive Transmission