Armenia Acquires 155 mm CAESAR Howitzer

Armenia Acquires 155 mm CAESAR Howitzer

Armenia has increased its defence budget and allocated around $1.37 billion for 2024. As part of the increased budget, the country signed a deal with France to purchase CAESAR self-propelled howitzers during the Armenian Defence Minister's visit to Paris. While details remain undisclosed, the agreement also included signing additional pacts. Armenian Defence Ministry announced on social media that the defence minister visited Paris on the sidelines of his work visit to France and met his French counterpart, the Armed Forces Minister. 

During the meeting, the defence cooperation between the two countries was discussed. Minister Papikyan provided an update on defence reforms in Armenia and the activities within the cooperation framework. Armenian Defence Ministry and French Defence Company KNDS have signed the military-technical coop agreement. As a result of the agreement, Armenia will acquire 155 mm CAESAR self-propelled howitzers. 

Armenia is represented with five companies at Eurosatory Defence Expo that started same day.