BAE Wins Cold Weather Vehicle Contract

BAE Wins Cold Weather Vehicle Contract

According to the company’s statement, BAE Systems has won the U.S. Army’s competition to build the new Cold Weather All-Terrain Vehicle (CATV). The company received a $278 million contract to supply 110 spare parts and contractor logistics support through 2029. BAE’s Beowulf vehicle, developed with its Swedish division, beat Oshkosh Defence and S.T. Engineering’s Bronco 3 platform.

The statement indicated that BAE Systems Hägglunds would build Beowulf in northern Sweden. The vehicle will include components from U.S. suppliers, such as its engine, transmission and hydraulic system. The company stated that the vehicle was developed in Alaska earlier this year

The BEOWULF is an unarmoured vehicle based on the armoured BvS 10. A 210 kW Cummins Diesel engine powers the vehicle. The BEOWULF can traverse swampy terrain thanks to its low ground pressure and tracked drive. The vehicle is also amphibious without any preparation and can swim at a maximum speed of 4 km/h using the tracks.

With a total weight of 15.5 tonnes, the front segment (which houses the propulsion system) can carry up to 3 tonnes of payload, and the rear segment can carry up to 5 tonnes. When configured as a personnel carrier, the vehicle can accommodate up to 14 people, including the crew.

Several European countries, including Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Sweden, have launched a joint program called Collaborative All-Terrain Vehicle, which has similar requirements to the U.S. Army’s CATV program. The Bundeswehr requires 140 vehicles worth approximately €276 million. This program will receive an initial €25 million funding request later in 2022.