Japan Delivers 4x4 and Tracked Vehicles to Ukraine

Japan Delivers 4x4 and Tracked Vehicles to Ukraine

Type 73 has been in use with Japanese Self-Defence Forces since the 1970s. While Type 73 is smaller than most 4x4 tactical vehicles in use, like JLTV and Cobra II, its mobility can help Ukraine transport ammunition and other supplies. The car mainly uses civilian components, making finding spare parts easier than full-on military standard vehicles.

The tracked Morooka is a rare type of logistics vehicle, a type mostly spotted in armies of countries located near the North Pole because of rough terrain conditions. Many cars from both sides suffered from the worsening terrain because of freezing mud during winter in the war. Wide tracks of Morooka can help with traversing through the problematic mud.

It should be noted that the vehicles sent to Ukraine have little offensive potential (At most, a machine gun for self-defence) and are instead sent to support the logistical capabilities.