Serial Production of Land Missile Systems Begins

Serial Production of Land Missile Systems Begins

“Land Missile Systems Signing Ceremony” was held at the Defence Industry Agency (SSB) on February 2, 2024, with the participation of Minister of National Defence Yaşar Güler, Chief of General Staff General Metin Gürak and Commander of the Land Forces General Selçuk Bayraktaroğlu.

President of SSB Professor Haluk Görgün shared a video of the ceremony on social media.

Minister of Defence Güler stated that he has full faith that the systems of different diameters and features produced within the scope of the agreements will meet the army’s needs and increase its operations, facilities and capabilities. Güler emphasized how critical and necessary the systems they added to the army’s inventory have come to the fore in recent days, where defence and security issues have become more critical with each passing year, and said, “While we are proactively taking all kinds of measures for the security and peace of our country and our noble nation, We see our local and national defence industry as an integral part of our survival.” 

ROKETSAN Rize Tayfun TurDef.jpg

SSB President Görgün pointed out the successes in the defence industry and said, “The land, naval and air platforms we create, produce and export and the payloads and ammunition used on them. It is not enough to produce a platform, or the elements used in this platform; it requires serious effort to provide systems that facilitate their coordinated operation and use as needed.”

ROKETSAN General Manager Murat Ikinci stated that he is proud of developing the missile systems with domestic and national resources and said, “The implementation of such systems requires great technology, determination and will.” Pointing out that the TAYFUN missile is a system that will eliminate dependence on foreign countries, İkinci said that the TRG-230 missile system was developed and fielded during the Covid-19 epidemic period, in line with the request of the Turkish Armed Forces.

İkinci explained that the SUNGUR Air Defence Missile System has much higher technologies than its equivalents worldwide and that KARAOK is among the indispensable parts of modern armies. 

SSB Strategic Systems and Space Department Head Hacı Ömer Karakuzu gave information about the TAYFUN, TRG-230, SUNGUR, and KARAOK missile systems for which contracts were signed.