ST Engineering’s Terrex-s5 Serial Production Starts

ST Engineering’s Terrex-s5 Serial Production Starts

ST Engineering’s Terrex-s5 wheeled armoured combat vehicle is ready to start production. The company unveiled the prototype at Singapore air Show 2024. Development of the vehicle began in 2022 and is an evolution of the Terrex family of vehicles. The “s5” badge refers to the vehicle’s capabilities (Smartness, Superiority, Sustainability, Survivability, Serviceability). The Terrex-s5 is equipped with new electronic systems, sensors, and a hybrid drive system. The vehicle is designed with a modular philosophy so that it can be fully adapted to the operational requirements of each user. 

The Terrex-s5 has a maximum combat weight of 35 tons, of which 13 tons is the payload. It can carry 12 people, of which two are the crew (driver and gunner) and an Infantry squad of ten people. It incorporates an engine with a maximum power of 711 horsepower, achieves a maximum speed of 120 kilometres per hour on the road and has a typical range of 1,000 kilometres. Using the hybrid drive system, the vehicle can move for a maximum of 50 kilometres with a very low sound footprint. 

The Terrex-s5 incorporates an automatic target tracking and detection system and can control unmanned systems, ground and air. The length of the vehicle is 8.3 meters, its width is 3 meters, and its height is 2.7 meters. The main armament is a 30mm cannon with a capacity of 250 rounds, although the vehicle can also accept 105mm or 120mm cannons. It also incorporates a 7.62 mm conjugate machine gun with a magazine capacity of 500 rounds.