The contract of Land ATMACA Signed

The contract of Land ATMACA Signed

The surface to surface Cruise Missile (Land Atmaca) Contract was signed between the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) and Roketsan at IDEF21. President Professor Ismail Demir, Roketsan President of Board of Members Professor Faruk Yiğit and Murat İkinci attended the ceremony and representatives from the Turkish Armed Forces.

Making a brief statement at the signing ceremony, SSB President Prof. Dr İsmail Demir stated that they aim to start work on the submarine-launched version of the ATMACA missile as soon as possible.

Land ATMACA, which will be developed as a long-range cruise missile that can be launched from a tactical wheeled land vehicle to meet the operational needs of the Land Forces, will have a range of 280 kilometres. The missile will be equipped with an IIR Seeker for launching at ground targets.

It was seen that the Land ATMACA, which was developed to meet the cruise missile needs of the Turkish Land Forces Command was equipped on an 8×8 launch vehicle. The missile launch vehicle developed for the land ATMACA has a structure similar to the missile launch vehicle of the TRG-300 Missile.

With the Land ATMACA, the Turkish Land Forces Command will have included a cruise missile for the first time in its inventory. Land ATMACA will be used to hit high-importance targets with precision.

Technical Specifications of the Land-Based ATMACA Missile

Length6 metres
Weight890 kg
Range280 km
Guidance:Inertial Navigation System + Global Positioning System + Barometric Altimeter + Radar Altimeter
Warhead Type:High Explosive with Penetration, Particle Effect
Warhead Weight250 kg
Seeker Infrared Imager (IIR)