USMC Tests MADIS MADIS Mk1 AD System’s Production Model

USMC Tests MADIS MADIS Mk1 AD System’s Production Model

Real-world battlefield conditions were simulated during the test of the configuration expected to be put into production. MADIS Mk1, built on Oshkosh JLTV 4x4 vehicle, is set to become the primary mobile short-range air defence system of the U.S. Marines alongside MADIS Mk2 and Light MADIS.

There are some noticeable changes in MADIS Mk1’s production model. The previous version of MADIS Mk1 had an onboard set of Israeli RPS-42 AESA radars for target detection and tracking but the latest version seems to be lacking it. This might be because of cost issues as MADIS Mk2 is already using the radar to act as the detection leg of the MADIS structure.

MADIS Mk2.jpeg

Additionally, the Australian Moog’s RIwP remote-controlled weapon station is replaced by Kongsberg’s RS6. RIwP is currently used on the Army’s M-SHORAD short-range air defence systems based on Stryker 8x8 armoured vehicles.

MADIS Mk1 is designed to counter helicopters, UAVs, and low-flying aircraft with its FIM-92 Stinger air defence missiles and XM914 (M230LF) 30x113 mm chain gun. XM914 is capable of using XM1123 proximity-fused rounds against UAVs alongside the existing ammunition. Trucks armed with M230LF chain guns were sent to Ukraine as part of aid by the U.S.

30x113 guns have started gaining a considerable amount of popularity on the ground with the introduction of M230LF and VENOM LR30 guns refit for ground-based use. This stems from the guns being far lighter than the likes of 25x137 mm and 30x173 mm guns used on IFVs and small enough to fit on remote-controlled weapon stations supporting 12.7 mm machine guns.