AKINCI UCAV to Perform Stand-Off Jamming with EW Pod

AKINCI UCAV to Perform Stand-Off Jamming with EW Pod

Bayraktar AKINCI UCAV will gain the capability to perform stand-off jamming with ASELSAN’s ASOJ-234U Electronic Warfare Pod. ASOJ-234U incorporates radar and communication electronic support and attack capabilities in a single pod. ASOJ-234U is not the only electronic warfare system for UAVs developed by ASELSAN. The large pod will be carried under AKINCI’s fuselage pylon.

Other products in said category include ANTİDOT mini-EW pod for Bayraktar TB2 armed UAV, its larger version for AKINCI UCAV’s under-wing stations, and an unnamed EW pod for wingtips. Within the scope of the UAV SOJ programme, electronic warfare variants of AKINCI and AKSUNGUR UCAVs will be developed. Differences in UAV SOJ variants, to be specialised for specific tasks, will include integrated and/or pylon-mounted electronic warfare systems.

Compared to AKINCI, which emphasises electronic attack functions, AKSUNGUR’s concept will focus on ELINT/COMINT/SIGINT missions due to AKSUNGUR’s endurance of more than 50 hours. The lower cost of UAVs and the risk of personnel loss not being on the table, as well as each variant specialising in one aspect, make UAV SOJ a future supporting asset alongside HAVA SOJ.