ÇAKIR Cruise Missile Enters Serial Production

ÇAKIR Cruise Missile Enters Serial Production

ROKETSAN’s ÇAKIR compact cruise missile for a variety of platforms has entered serial production, according to Spain-based news site Defensa. Production will likely start not only for Turkiye but also for the export customer(s), as at least one deal was signed for export in 2023.

ÇAKIR was tested for the first time in 2023 spring from an AKINCI UCAV. In 2024’s first quarter, the missile successfully hit a target at sea using its IIR seeker. In time, ÇAKIR will be integrated into fighter jets, naval platforms, and ROKETSAN’s BARBAROS coastal defence complex.

ÇAKIR, with a range of 150 km, offers various guidance and warhead options to fulfil different needs. The seeker options include IIR, RF, Hybrid (RF+IIR), and swarm sensor; three options for the 70 kg warhead are available: HE-FRAG, penetrating-shaped charge, and thermobaric. In Turkish service, ÇAKIR is expected to be used by the Air Force, Navy, and the National Intelligence Agency. 

The first export customer might have ordered the missile for AKINCI UCAVs because the UCAV is the first platform to fire the missile. A surface-launched missile version will follow as design changes like booster and folding fins will be made.