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ASELSAN Makes Landing On DIMDEX 2024

ASELSAN Makes Landing On DIMDEX 2024

ASELSAN is exhibiting AIR (Also called ALP) low-altitude multi-function radar, EWRS (Also called EİRS or ERALP), and CENK naval AESA radar.

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AIR and EWRS are the detection components of the SİPER air defence system, while CENK-S is the searching radar for I-class frigates in place of PESA SMART-S, offering a significantly longer range at 400 km and high-power advantage of its Gallium Nitride (GaN) architecture.
The company has put the KORAL-II Radar EW system, SÖKMEN V/UHF ESM system, and PUHU V/UHF direction finder on the electronic warfare systems side.

ASELSAN is exhibiting the MARLIN USV with torpedo, electronic warfare system, and towed sonar payloads. MARLIN has been developed jointly with SEFİNE Shipyards. MARLIN can be configured with a variety of weapon and sensor payloads. The firing test of TÜBİTAK SAGE’s KUZGUN KY missile was conducted from the USV, which is expected to be one of the main ASuW weapons with its minimal structure, high speed, and 40 km range.
The company is also exhibiting indigenous systems for submarines, including various weapons and unmanned underwater systems.
For the remote-operated weapon system solutions, SERDAR RCWS is on exhibition, combining 12.7x108 mm machine guns, 7.62 mm machine guns, and ATGMs. Alongside the compound RCWS, NEFER-L RCWS with a 25 mm chain gun and 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun is present. NEFER-L’s lowered weight allows it to be integrated on even 4x4 tactical vehicles.