Turkiye's first air defence warfare destroyer, TF-2000, is currently designed at the Design Project Office (DPO) located at Istanbul Shipyard Command.The Ministry of National Defence opened the doors of the Istanbul Shipyard Command to the press and exhibited its facilities and capabilities. The command has multiple capabilities. While the ship design at the command occurs at DPO, the ship is built in the dry dock. In the remaining parts of the shipyard, ship production and maintenance of the systems to be used on the ship take place. For example, the maintenance of engines and weapons used on ships is still carried out on-site. Turkiye primarily needs an air defence destroyer for TCG Anadolu and the Aircraft Carrier it will build in the future. The Navy calculated the future battlefield and determined the requirements for air defence warfare destroyers. The sensors and weapon systems that will be on the ship for the task group it will protect were not discussed as they were not the subject of this visit. One of the most important stages of the visit was to see the design and construction capabilities for TF-2000, the construction of which is expected to start soon with the decision of the Defence Industry Executive Committee (SSİK).