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A New Procurement Model for TF-2000 Might be on Table

A New Procurement Model for TF-2000 Might be on Table

The SSIK may invent a new solution so the Turkish Navy reaches the TF-2000 Air Defence Destroyer. TurDef understands that some modalities are being discussed. The Defence Industry Executive Committee (SSİK) held in January 2024 was a breakthrough in terms of naval projects. Beginning the Aircraft Carrier design phase drew most of the attention, but there were other decisions about MİLGEM 9-10-11-12 frigates, new landing ships, new-generation mine-hunting ships, and assault boats with national means. No decision was made about the TF-2000 Air Defence Destroyer that the Turkish Navy had long waited for. 

The new developments surfaced with the visit of Commander of Turkish Naval Forces Admiral Ercüment Tatlıoğlu to the Design Project Office in February to examine the design and road map of the TF-2000 Destroyer. The Defence Ministry shared the information about the visit on social media. The different approaches from the Turkish Defence Ministry (MSB) and Secretariat of Defence Industries (SSB) are combined now. The Ministry wanted to design and build the vessel at its shipyard under its control, while the SSB considered the export opportunities and preferred private shipyards for construction. Former Defence Minister Hulusi Akar and Secretary of SSB İsmail Demir were determined in their opposite approaches. The TCG Anadolu L400 is in service now, but it needs an air defence platform to protect it from probable airstrikes. The preliminary design of the Turkish Aircraft carrier has also begun. This vessel also requires an air defence destroyer. As finding a solution was imminent, cooperating became inevitable. Current Defence Minister Yaşar Güler and SSB Secretary Professor Haluk Görgün are in favour of solving the solution instead of postponing it. TurDef learned that the destiny of TF-2000 was discussed at the Defence Industry Executive Committee (SSİK) held in January 2024. A joint finance solution model, in addition to routine financial models, was discussed. TurDef understands that this new model may lead the Turkish Navy to contribute financially to some parts of the project and share the burden with the Defence Industry Support Fund. If the model is approved, the Navy will contribute to the project and have more power to execute during construction. According to such studies, the first destroyer will be built at the Istanbul Shipyard Command in Tuzla. Defence Ministry-affiliated contractor ASFAT is expected to manage the project. This model proved to work on PN Milgem projects and the construction of Hisar Class OPVs Akhisar and Koçhisar. A new SSİK is expected to be held in May, where this financial model will be discussed. A source informed of the development said that the SSİK might be postponed until the end of this year, so the decision. The source underlined that the decision is expected to be finalised in 2024. The source underlined that, until that time, this model was nothing but an option. The SSIK held in January also decided to start four new I class frigates. The next phases of MİLGEM frigates will be identical to the former ones. In other words, there will be no version or batch on İstif Class Frigates. They will be identical, apart from lessons learned from experiences.

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