BAE Systems Unveils Tridon Mark II Air Defence System

BAE Systems Unveils Tridon Mark II Air Defence System

During Eurosatory 2024, BAE Systems has put Tridon Mark II air defence system based on Bofors 40 Mk4 40 mm naval gun. The new air defence system is mounted on a truck to engage low-altitude threats, specifically UAVs with programmable ammunition. TurDef has previously reported the system’s appearance on a LinkedIn post of BAE Systems International Ground Vehicles Director Jeramy Hopkins before its eventual exhibition in Eurosatory 2024. As reported by Shepard Media, BAE Systems has been working on a ground-based Bofors 40 Mk4 for at least a year. Likely, FUZE 3P ammunition that can be set to six different modes, including time-fuse and proximity against air targets, will be used on the system. 

Compared to lower calibres like 30 mm and 35 mm used in other air defence systems, 40 mm has an advantage in muzzle velocity and overall range. The main drawback of Tridon Mark II would be the available ammunition and lower rate of fire than its competitors in the gun-based C-UAS field. The ready-to-fire magazine holds 30 rounds, and the ring-type magazine holds 70 rounds. Airburst ammunition-based air defence systems can be described as the trend in Eurosatory 2024, with Turkiye’s KORKUT being exhibited on OTOKAR’s ARMA 8x8 AFV and Germany’s Skyranger 35 on Leopard 2 chassis. 

The jamming resistance and high hit probability of airburst ammunition coupled with the short reaction time of a gun-based system have drawn interest from the countries trying to find new solutions in the C-UAS role.