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Baykar and Azerbaijani MoD Ink R&D and Production Deal

Baykar and Azerbaijani MoD Ink R&D and Production Deal

Baykar announced that a deal for joint research, development, and production with the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defence has been signed.  The new agreement is another step towards integrating the two countries’ defence industries in various fields.

This would not only help with production but also increase Azerbaijan’s capabilities in maintaining Baykar’s platforms. With increasing orders for Baykar’s platforms worldwide and the development of new platforms, Baykar is working on expanding its production capacity to meet the demand.

Azerbaijan has recently started using its AKINCI UCAVs in military exercises after successfully using Bayraktar TB2 armed UAVs in the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh War. KIZILELMA unmanned combat aircraft is anticipated to be in Azerbaijani service after the serial production begins in 2024.

Other agreements and projects with Azerbaijan include cooperation on TUSAŞ’s KAAN fighter jet, the fitting of Azerbaijani Su-25 attack aircraft with Turkish munitions, and ASELSAN’s HAKİM system for air command control.