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Baykar to Concentrate on New KIZILELMA; TB3 UCAV

Baykar to Concentrate on New KIZILELMA; TB3 UCAV

TCG Anadolu L400 is commissioned to the Turkish Navy with a ceremony held at Sedef Shipyard. Following the ceremony, Selçuk Bayraktar visited the vessel along with journalists. Two SeaHawk and two Cobra W helicopters were deployed on the flight desk. A mock-up of KIZILELMA UCAV and the first prototype of TB3 UCAV were placed on the deck as well. 

Chief Technical Officer Selçuk Bayraktar shared his vision on Bayraktar TB3. He answered how TB3 and KIZILELMA would be launched and recovered on TCG ANADOLU L400. Bayraktar said, “These are not vertical landing/take-off aircraft. This is where we have the difference, such as being able to recover a fixed-wing aerial platform on a ship with such a short and narrow runway. These UAVs will do this entirely automatically. While we are currently developing all of our aircraft, we modelled all the laws of physics mathematically from simulator environments; in a sense, we ensure the flight even before our aircraft is launched. Bayraktar TB3 has been recovered and launched from the ship tens of thousands of times over about the last 1.5 — 2 years. We had to know all wind and wave conditions for such operations. I hope KIZILELMA Fighter will do this after Bayraktar TB3.

KIZILELMA jet is a faster and heavier platform. Launching and recovering an unmanned warplane on a ship with such a short runway will also showcase the ingenuity of Turkish engineers to the whole world.
Just as it was our 20-year goal to fly KIZILELMA, this is our new KIZILELMA (Editor’s note: KIZILELMA symbolises ultimate success in the Turkic world. It is not substantial, and it changes according to the situation. It can be interpreted as a challenge.) to automatically recover and launch our UCAV from TCG ANADOLU, as the first in the world. When we first announced the Bayraktar TB3, a US company said, “We will be the first to build a UAV similar to the BAYRAKTAR TB3,” approximately 1.5 years after us. A year later, another from Israel said the same. The race is ongoing; no one has yet launched and recovered on short-track ships. Let’s see who will do it first.

BAYRAKTAR TB3 will be airborne with its own power without needing anything like a catapult. Only KIZILELMA will need arresting cables because it is much faster and heavier. But Bayraktar TB3 will take off with TEI’s engine. This diesel piston engine will be very powerful. It will produce much power during take-off and will not lose power at high altitudes thanks to three separate turbochargers. Thanks to the special braking system, it will have during the landing and not slip. To achieve this, the runway floor is covered with a material with a high coefficient of friction. Therefore, on the final approach, it will crash into the ship’s deck very hard and stop with its braking power. The approach speed will be very low with its unique aerodynamic surfaces.”

Baykar will produce missiles

Selçuk Bayraktar stated that the TB3 would include sonobuoys and light torpedoes simultaneously, adding, “Turkiye currently has an extensive family of ammunition. The light cruise missile will be introduced for the first time at TEKNOFEST in KEMENKEŞ (Archer). BAYKAR is developing it. KEMENKEŞ is a very light cruise missile with a range of several hundred kilometres that can be launched from Bayraktar TB3. These are, in a sense, digital smart ammunition of the new age. KIZILELMA and AKINCI can carry all the ammunition the F-16 can carry.”