Baykar Unveiled Kemankeş

Baykar Unveiled Kemankeş

Baykar aims to lengthen TB2’s claws with Kemankeş. With a weight of approximately 35 kilograms, four Kemankeş can be mounted under the TB2. A domestic jet engine powers Baykar's in-house design. The missile is guided with INS and GNSS to the target, and the artificial intelligence software embedded in the missile prevents the missile from deviating from the route. Baykar presents the missile as a cruise missile due to its range but can be assessed as a dual usage / hybrid solution as a loitering munition. 

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The solution is hidden in the press release as Kemankeş is presented as the “smart cruise missile”. The missile, which measures the distance to the target with a laser range finder, confirms the target with its low-cost camera.

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When the missile is fired from the operational altitude of TB2, it can reach a range of about 200 + km. In this respect, it can be considered as a cruise missile. The target detection and destruction are performed man in the loop within the first 50 km. This feature differentiates the platform from a cruise missile. It means that the loitering munition will have one-hour endurance, and the pilot in the control room will search for opportunity targets. When Kemankeş is on its own, it destroys pre-determined targets. This feature is accepted for missiles but not for a “smart” missile, as the autonomy may create new problems.

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Roketsan's MAM-L and MAM-Cs are developed from existing Cirit and Omtas by removing their rocket engines. Baykar produced this missile in order to eliminate the drawbacks of these two types of ammunition. This missile was developed against counter-UAVs. TB2s drops the smart munitions from eight km to neutralise the Russian air defence systems. However, recent experiences show that Russian air defence systems do not allow TB2 to get that close. With Kemankeş, the hit range of TB2 will reach at least 50 km. This will allow the UAV to destroy targets without being a target itself.