China Provides Logistic Support to Russia

China Provides Logistic Support to Russia

Even though China does not officially support Russia in the war with Ukraine, it turns out that the logistics equipment produced by the country appears to be on a railway platform in Rostov. Video footage was shared at Telegram account supernova_plus, which shows the movement of a train carriage loaded with equipment claimed to be shot at a station in Rostov.

The video shows the 4X4 NJ2040 multi-purpose vehicle, a licensed Iveco VM 90 manufactured in China by the NAVECO consortium, a joint venture of China's Nanjing Motor Group and Iveco (Italian Fiat Group). This vehicle entered service with the People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China in 1999 and has since been widely used in many versions. Furthermore, the Shacman Shaanxi SX2300 8×8 truck was also seen as a vehicle with a payload capacity of 17,000 kg. The KamAZ-63501 truck from Russia has a payload capacity of 15,000 kg.

At the end of the video, tankers, service trucks, and other trucks in various configurations, including the Shaanxi SX2190 with 6×6 drive, are also visible.

If the video proves that China provides military equipment to Russia, it can be claimed that it is logistics support rather than lethal systems. Russia may have suffered heavy truck losses at the start of the war, thus temporarily requiring additional vehicles to ensure the smooth logistics supply to the front line.