Dutch Navy Decommissions first Walrus-Class Submarine

Dutch Navy Decommissions first Walrus-Class Submarine

The Dutch Navy has received a total of four such submarines, which it plans to replace with another 4 of a type expected to be selected in 2024. The 'Walrus' entered service in 1992 and will now be used as a source of spare parts to support the three remaining submarines better. In a second year, still unspecified, a second submarine will be withdrawn, while the other two will be decommissioned with the receipt of the new type.

The Dutch Navy will decide in 2024 who will build the successor to the diesel-electric attack submarines, the Defense Ministry said.

The second submarine will be retired, but the remaining two will remain in service until the first replacement enters the inventory.

The Defence Ministry received bids from Saab Kockums, Naval Group, and ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems to replace four submarines. These are a derivative of A26 submarines, a derivative of Barracuda submarines, Shortfin and Type 212CD submarines.

 The government has said the new vessels will cost over $2.6 billion, while local media claims it may exceed €4.5 billion.

The Dutch Parliament discusses two options: to receive diesel-electric submarines of similar size or smaller diesel-electrics.