Greek S-300 locked on Turkish F-16 on NATO Mission

Greek S-300 locked on Turkish F-16 on NATO Mission

Turkish Air Force reported that Greek S-300 systems locked on a Turkish F-16 fighter jet that was escorting a USAF B-52 bomber. Greece has only one system stationed on the island of Crete. The system locked up Turkish F-16s while flying in the international waters of the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean Seas.

The Turkish F-16s from the 132nd Fleet Weapons and Tactics Command were escorting US B-52 bombers as part of a NATO mission. According to NATO"s rules, radar interference with a foreign country"s military aircraft is a hostile act.

Turkish F-16s were assigned to protect American B-52 bombers during operations in Slovak airspace to protect NATO"s eastern flank.

Turkish sources stated that Greece"s S-300 systems locked on Turkish fighters three times in the last six days.

Greece stationed the S-300 in Crete as the Greek Cyprus purchased the anti-missile system from Russian Federation in 1997 but gave up deploying on the island. Greek Air Force stationed S-300s in Crete and kept them inactive for years. Greece made it operational and tested the day then Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu visited Athens in 2013 after 15 years of interval.