Havelsan’s BARKAN Launches Gürbağ’s Loitering Munition from Turret

Havelsan’s BARKAN Launches Gürbağ’s Loitering Munition from Turret

BARKAN UGV fitted with Gürbağ Defence’s GSPT-EFE hydrogen launch system launched by the same company’s GST Harpia 350 loitering munition has an endurance of 40 minutes, 15 km mission radius, and a service ceiling of 3000 m altitude. 

GST Harpia 350 was also used in a test with the Hydro-GIDS defence system, where the loitering munition was used to shoot down a target UAV, demonstrating C-UAS capabilities. 

Coyote Block 1 UAV developed by the U.S. was tested similarly as the effector of a C-UAS system, proceeded by the turbojet-powered Coyote Block 2, which was focused on countering UAVs.

gurbag HST 350.jpeg

GSPT-EFE is the newest addition to Gürbağ Defence’s hydrogen-based launcher family. The launcher has two slots for hydrogen launch units capable of using loitering munitions or mini laser-guided missiles. Loitering munitions can serve as both munitions and scouts; meanwhile, a laser-guided missile would enable a rapid response at shorter ranges for opportunity targets or self-defence.

Lightweight loitering munitions have gained popularity among manned and unmanned ground platforms due to bringing together cost efficiency, reconnaissance potential and range advantages. UGVs fitted with loitering munitions can be considered support platforms capable of providing observation and fire support simultaneously.

Loitering munitions might serve at unmanned surface vehicles (USVs). Due to having a larger capacity, USVs can carry larger loitering munitions with more endurance. This would provide the option of remote observation and strike on order.