KNDS Exhibits EMBT Demonstrator With 140 mm Gun

KNDS Exhibits EMBT Demonstrator With 140 mm Gun

KNDS exhibited the EMBT-ADT140 variant of its MBT demonstrator armed with an ASCALON 140 mm gun at Eurosatory. The 140 mm smoothbore gun was previously mounted on a demonstrator based on French Leclerc MBT, dubbed “Terminator”. The 140 mm-fitted variant of EMBT notably features a smaller turret than the ASCALON 120 mm gun. EMBT’s first variant, which is a 120 mm main gun, is also present in the exhibition. The 140 mm variant is also fitted with the new PROMETEUS active protection system (APS). PROMETHEUS is a fixed-type APS with plaquette-like fragmentation charges distributed around the vehicle. 

The U.S.-based Artis is developing a similar system named Sentinel for its armoured personnel carriers. In a press release, KNDS also revealed that it is working on an unmanned chassis for EMBT, intending to develop a full-sized unmanned tank. EMBT is the first step of the newly formed Franco-German KNDS towards the Main Ground Combat System (MGCS) programme. The prototype has been developed with components from Leopard 2A7 and Leclerc MBTs, which signify KNDS’s joint nature. Beyond the existing components, EMBT includes improved fire control systems, situational awareness and interoperability with UAVs.

The MBTIt also incorporates an automatic loading system with a dispensing of 22 rounds of ammunition. Its armament is complemented by an ARX-30 remote-controlled weapon station, with a 30mm cannon for UAV interception missions and a triple launcher of hovering munitions for long-range attacks. The Leclerc Evolution requires a crew of four, with the second-in-command operating the sensors. The Leclerc Evolution incorporates the Galix Proximity Protection System and Active Self-Protection System. It incorporates an engine with a maximum power of 1,500 hp, achieves a maximum speed of 68 kilometres per hour and a typical range of 470 kilometres.