More Information About Japanese ASEV

More Information About Japanese ASEV

ASEV Project is aimed at defending Japan from ballistic missile attacks. Platforms will be intended as an alternative to the cancelled Aegis Ashore infrastructure. Japan Ministry of Defence is planning to acquire two vessels to reduce the mission load of other AEGIS platforms. It is known that JMSDF continuously deploys Aegis destroyers to intercept possible threats. New platforms, so-called destroyers, will be equipped with RIM-174 SM-6 and Type 12 surface-to-surface missiles. It is believed that ASEVs will have another undisclosed capability. Ships will be equipped with no less than 64 VLS cells to host missiles.

ASEVs will be 210 metres long and 40 metres wide. Displacement is planned as 20,000 tons. Ships will be operated with 110 crew. Remarkably, the ship will have similar characteristics in terms of dimensions and displacement. New ships are expected to be delivered to the navy between 2027 and 2028.

Japan is classifying vessels as destroyers, but the dimension and displacement features are between conventional and nuclear cruisers. When radar and air defence capabilities are considered, platforms may conduct cruiser-like tasks in the desired region. The complement of ships will be considerably low, and according to local sources, every crewman will have a private cabin. This feature is aimed at concerns about comfort. Thus, it can be expected that ships will conduct longer patrol tasks against ballistic missile threats and have a more comprehensive coverage area in radar and weapon terms.