TCG Anadolu, MAV and Chinook at Amphibious Training

TCG Anadolu, MAV and Chinook at Amphibious Training

Turkish Defence Ministry released a video of the operation from naval training conducted on June 1-4, 2023.  FNSS’s Marine Assault Vehicles (MAV)(Also known as ZAHA), which are produced to cover the distance between the vessel and the shore rapidly, were seen on the exercise for the first time. Turkish Land Forces’ Chinook-type transport helicopters and T-129 Attack helicopters supported the MAV’s operation. 

MAV operation TurDef.jpg

TCG Anadolu L400 Multi-purpose amphibious ship, which entered the inventory of the Naval Forces Command in April, was used for its intended construction purpose for the first time in the exercises. The Chinook landed on the TCG Anadolu flight deck. The personnel who will take part in the airborne troop landing operation embarked on the helicopter. The MAV descended on the well deck of the TCG Anadolu vessel located in the stern, entered the sea, covered the distance between the vessel and the operation area, and landed on the shore as the vanguard. 

FNSS MAV Vanguard TurDef.jpg

Following the MAVs operations, where the attack helicopters provided fire support, the landing crafts brought personnel to the shore.

The images examined the readiness level of TCG Anadolu and the personnel who will serve on the ship to carry out the amphibious landing mission.

The MAV firepower is provided by the purposely designed ÇAKA dual remote-controlled turret that can be armed with a 12.7 mm MG and a 40 mm AGL