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Turkish SDT exhibited ACMI, Avcı, MuhabereSIM and Görgüç systems at IDEF

Turkish SDT exhibited ACMI, Avcı, MuhabereSIM and Görgüç systems at IDEF

Since February 2005, SDT, a privately held Turkish company, has been developing indigenous software, hardware, and integrated solutions for the Defence, Space, and Aviation sectors. Its capabilities are divided into four major categories: remote sensing systems, electronic warfare and communication systems, mission systems, simulation and training systems.

Mr Korkut informed us of the company’s most recent activities and products. One of SDT’s most well-known products is the ACMI air combat training system; a pod mounted on fighter aircraft for real-time air combat simulation. Korkut discussed the ACMI system’s export potential.

UAVs become important threats as they are easy to acquire, small to shoot down and effective either for reconnaissance or attack missions. SDT has developed the Avcı anti-drone system to counter this concern.

SDT has developed the MuhabereSim, a firearm simulation system for the Turkish Navy’s Amphibious Marine Brigade. It simulates and train sailors.

SDT has a background in SAR systems. The company developed the capability to image processing software for satellites with Görgüç.

You may hear more about the export strategies of SDT, the company’s involvement in the South Korean KF-X Project (KAI KF-21 Boramae) and the latest developments at our YouTube account.