Turkiye integrates domestically made Mission Computer Özgür (Free) into F-16

Turkiye integrates domestically made Mission Computer Özgür (Free) into F-16

The Turkish Defence Industries Agency (DIA) President Professor İsmail Demir said this on August 10;

“We will definitely modernise the F-16 ourselves. And we did very well. In addition, the mission computer and other avionics elements equipped with the national system can be used as a completely internal system. Undoubtedly, the Block 40 and Block 50 F-16s will receive these upgrades.”

Demir believes the Özgür Program is fully compatible with the Block 40 and 50 F-16s. This belief is due to the modernisation of the F-16 Block 30, which Turkiye has already begun under the same program. Last June, Turkiye announced that 35 Block 30 F-16s would be modernised under this program. The program is expected to start at the end of the year.

The modernisation program includes the national mission computer, system interface module, front control panel over the cockpit, hydraulic fuel gauge, engine shield, emergency indicator, national voice safety device, friend-of-foe identification (IFF), multi-mode receiver, inertial navigation system, and others.

Turkish F-16 pilot helmets will also receive an upgrade.

It is expected that an integrated helmet targeting system, indicators in the central cockpit and a colour multifunction display will be integrated.

Turkiye also intends to modernise its F-16s with AESA radars developed by Aselsan.

The missile can locate and track targets over long distances and be unaffected by weather conditions.