Ukrainian Pilots Start flying with F-16

Ukrainian Pilots Start flying with F-16

On December 26, 2023, the British Ministry of Defence reported that Ukrainian pilots actively participated in an advanced training program in Denmark to operate F-16 fighter jets. This follows the completion of a basic training program in the U.K.

The Netherlands delivered 18 F-16 units to Ukraine to improve the air force’s ability to fight against Russia.

It was stated that the training program, which started in August 2023, involved 16 Ukrainian pilots who initially received aviation-specific English language instruction facilitated by the Royal Air Force (RAF).

This introductory training is essential to prepare pilots for further training stages and to ensure effective communication within the international coalition.

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After completing basic language and flight training in the U.K., the pilots proceeded to Denmark for specialized training in the F-16.

The training program is limited to pilots and involves many Ukrainian aircraft technicians receiving specialized English language training tailored to the engineering field and essential skills for maintaining and supporting F-16 jets.

After the training phase in Denmark is completed, Ukrainian pilots will fight using F-16 jets provided by the Netherlands.

The F-16 fighter model the Dutch Air Force uses is the F-16 AM/BM Block 15 version, an upgraded variant equipped with advanced avionics.