Ukrainian Sabotage at Airfield Near Moscow

Ukrainian Sabotage at Airfield Near Moscow

On September 20, the GUR released photos of Chkalovsky airfield about 31 km northeast of Moscow and confirmed that saboteurs blew up two planes and an attack helicopter with planted explosives.

Chkalovsky Airfield sabotage.jpg

According to information shared on Twitter and telegram, saboteurs detonated An-148 and Il-20 transport aircraft (belonging to the 354th Special Forces Regiment) and a Mi-28N attack helicopter. GUR said in a post that damage to the plane did not allow for a quick recovery and also added images showing the location of the damaged aircraft and a photo of the airfield in question. The photos indicate that the explosion damaged the tail section of the helicopter. Meanwhile, the An-148 suffered minor damage.

The Chkalovsky Airfield is a heavily protected military base as it is one of the primary aviation bases of the Russian Armed Forces.