Address: École nationale de Police – Abidjan
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Starting Date: 06 Jun 2023, 07:00
End Date: 08 Jun 2023, 02:00

Why ShieldAfrica?  

To protect the development of Africa

A continent extremely rich in natural resources, Africa must counter the major threats that create obstacles to its development.

The safety of the African people and their activities is a prerequisite for any form of economic expansion. There can not be development without security. The security and defence exhibition ShieldAfrica offers African leaders a unique opportunity to meet and discover a robust worldwide supply to counter the threats they may be faced with. 

Africa’s major security and defence challenges 

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ShieldAfrica offers Land, Naval and Air solutions to protect Africa’s development 

  • Provide the safety required for economic growth 
  • Restore or maintain peace 
  • Prevent and fight against natural and industrial disasters  
  • Provide security for the cities  
  • Expand the services required for institutional and private stakeholders

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