ANKA to getting CATS Eye

ANKA to getting CATS Eye

Turkish Air Force Command (TURAF) wants to upgrade Turkish Aerospace’s (TUSAŞ) ANKA armed UAV with ASELSAN products. The force demanded to upgrade UAVs surveillance and targeting pod with indigenous ASELSAN common aperture targeting system (CATS) electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) reconnaissance, surveillance and targeting system.

According to Anadolu News Agency, ANKA-S type armed UAVs will be equipped with the CATS Electro-Optical Sensor System developed by ASELSAN. In this direction, the studies initiated for the integration of CATS to into ANKA platform were accelerated.

As part of the integration process, an 11-hour test flight was carried out in Batman. An ANKA UAV with CATS on board took off. Within the scope of the test, two Roketsan smart micro munitions were released and hit the target using the CATS system.

In addition, the CATS system has been exported to five countries integrated into Bayraktar TB2 armed UAV platforms.

TUSAŞ has delivered 14 ANKA Armed UAV to the Turkish Air Force so far. The force has already ordered six ANKA Armed UAV and plans to order ten more.

ANKA to getting CATS Eye

ANKA had a US-made FLIR Systems Star SAFIRE 380 HLD EO/IR sensor turret on board.

CATS Specs

CATS is a high performance electro-optical reconnaissance, surveillance and targeting system designed for fixed-wing and rotary-wing airborne platforms, including Unmanned Air Systems (UASs), helicopters and aircrafts.



Reconnaissance and Surveillance

Long Range Surveillance

Main Features

Common Aperture with Diameter of 220mm

Very Large Aperture for Narrow FOVs and

Very Narrow FOVs of IR, HDTV and LL-NIR


Larger Aperture Means More Light and

Therefore Better Image Quality and Better


Compact and Light-Weight System

Single-LRU System

Superior Range Performance

High Performance IR Camera

True Full High Definition (1920x1080) HDTV


No Digital Zooming Applied for

1920x1080p Video Output

2.25 Times More Sensor Pixels Used Than

High Definition (1280x720p) HDTV Cameras

Low Light (LL-NIR) Camera

Common FOVs for IR, HDTV and LL-NIR Cameras

Laser Range Finder and Target Designator

Laser Pointer and Illuminator

Internal Boresight Unit

All-Digital Video Pipeline

Advanced Image Processing

Multi Target Tracking

Simultaneous Target Tracking on IR, HDTV

and LL-NIR Videos

Accurate Target Geo-Location

Determination of Coarse and Speed of

Moving Target

Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

Accurate Stabilization

Automatic Alignment with Platform

Operation in Very Low Temperatures in High Altitudes

Technical Specifications

Sensor Resolutions IR: 640x512

​ TV: 1920x1080

​ LL-NIR: 640x480

Fields of View (FOVs)


IR: 0.5° - 0.9° - 3.2° - 30°

​ TV: 0.5° - 0.9° - 3.2° - 30°

​ LL-NIR: 0.5°

Field of Regard (FOR)

Azimuth: 360° continuous

Elevation: +10° to -105°

Laser Range Finder and Target Designator

Range: up to 25 km

Wavelength: 1064 nm

Repetition rate: up to 20 Hz

Laser Pointer and Illuminator

Laser Pointer:

Wavelength: NIR

Laser Illuminator:

Wavelength: NIR

Communication Interface RS-422, MIL-STD-1553B

Video Interface


2x PAL

Power Interface 28 VDC


Sensor Ball Diameter: ≤ 415 mm

Width: ≤ 437 mm

Height: ≤ 520 mm

Weight 61kg


Operational: -54°C to +50°C

Storage: -55°C to +70°C