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ARMERKOM Presents Noise Radar

ARMERKOM Presents Noise Radar

The new generation radar uses random noise signals as the primary broadcast waveform. This radar is resistant to deception and jamming, providing electromagnetic manoeuvring superiority to the user without sharing in the radar frequency separation.

These radars cannot be detected by the methods used by conventional electronic support receivers. Although the noise radar is active, it is improbable to be detected by the adversary. They are also very difficult to jam. The radar is expected to be used in the military field soon. 

The Naval Forces Research Centre Command has been working on the noise radar development project since 2016, and the first prototype was developed in 2020. It is planned to increase the level of prototype technological readiness gradually.

Noise Radar is a new generation radar type that uses random noise signals as the primary broadcast waveform, is naturally low in detection (YOD), resistant to deception and jamming, and provides to its user without being subject to sharing pressure in the radar frequency spectrum.

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ARMERKOM Noise Radar Prototype


X-Band (IMO Navigation Band)

Rotary Antenna (Rotating and Fixed Mode)

Adjustable Rotation Speed (1-30 PRM)


Low Power (7 W Peak)

Mechanical Tilt Angle (Max +15°)

High TX-RX Isolation

6 Nautical Mile Range

Waveform Properties

Gaussian Noise Generator

Ability to Use Synthetic Waveforms