ASELSAN Delivers AKINCI's SatCom

ASELSAN Delivers AKINCI's SatCom

ASELSAN has delivered the Satellite Communication (SatCom) System for the AKINCI Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Platform. The information was featured in ASELSAN's monthly Abulten magazine.

The Broadband Satellite Communication System Project on AKINCI UAV Platforms contract was signed between the Presidency of Defence Industries and ASELSAN. Air Satellite Communication Terminals and Portable Satellite Communication Systems were delivered within six months.

ASELSAN created the Airborne Satellite Communication Terminal and the Portable Satellite Communication System with domestic capability. Baykar’s AKINCI now has a beyond-sight communication capacity thanks to the installation of SatCom. Turkish Aerospace’s (TUSAŞ) UAV ANKA also uses the SatCom.

Due to this capability, control of AKINCI platforms has been switched from the Line of Sight (LOS) system to SatCom. It may be controlled from a ground control station in the targeted area. When using LOS, the transmitter and receiver must be able to see each other. This circumstance alters the range based on various factors, including the geographical height between the antenna and the aircraft, the aircraft’s flying altitude, and the antenna’s position. When SatCom is used, communication is provided to the aircraft via satellite, making the satellite’s coverage region the UAV’s likely mission area.