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ASFAT to Produce HGK-84

ASFAT to Produce HGK-84

Turkish Defence Ministry has awarded a contract to ASFAT at IDEF for the supply of 3,400 HGK-84 Precision Guidance Kits required by the Turkish Air Force.

ASFAT will collaborate with the Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council Defence Research and Development Institute (TBİTAK-SAGE), which will act as a solution partner in the project, undertaking the development, qualification and certification of the guidance kits.

The kits will include the KÂŞİF global positioning system (GPS) and ATLAS inertial measurement unit (IMU), both developed in Türkiye by SAGE. Final assembly, production and testing will be the province of the 3rd Air Maintenance Factory Directorate, affiliated with the Military Factories General Directorate (AFGM).

Initial deliveries are scheduled for March 2024, and completion of the project is anticipated for March 2025. ASFAT previously produced 1,000 HGK-82 guidance kits for the Turkish Air Force Command, completing deliveries within the required timeline in August last year.