China to launch third aircraft carrier soon

China to launch third aircraft carrier soon

China is reported to be launching its third aircraft carrier, codenamed Type-003. China based, the Global Times quoted a Chinese military expert on Tuesday as saying that the shipyard in Shanghai had resumed operations after the city was shut from activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The portal reported that China's third aircraft carrier is believed to be larger than the previous two Chinese carriers.

Most likely, the new aircraft carrier will also be equipped with an Electromagnetic Catapult System (EMALS), a launch system that allows aircraft to take off without using a ski-jump system. EMALS ease operations at the carrier as it accelerates aircraft more smoothly, putting less stress on their airframes. It increases the number of aircraft that can be airborne.

In April, China's People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) released a promotional video regarding its third aircraft carrier after having its first carrier Liaoning and second carrier Shandong.

Meanwhile, based on satellite imagery on May 31, 2022, a dry dock was seen where the ship was built. The satellite imagery also provides clues about the remaining pre-launch steps before the entire dry dock is flooded and the carrier can glide into the water. The ladder that workers use to access the carrier as well as the supporting structures and other equipment surrounding the ship looks set to be removed soon.