Demir: We will produce an air defence system equivalent to S-400

Demir: We will produce an air defence system equivalent to S-400

Cruise missile Atmaca which is converted from an Anti-ship missile.: “We are about to commission the surface-to-surface version of the Atmaca missile.”

ASELSAN’s Electronic warfare products;

“Recently, we have delivered very important products to the field for electronic warfare.”

“Sungur, Hisar A, A+, Hisar O, Hisar O+, the air defence system. We will create an intercepting range of 70-100 km with Siper (Trench). We will go above this with the Siper system. Later, we will have an air defence system at the S-400 level.”

"We transformed target Şimşet drone to cruise missile."

“We are heading towards a domestic air defence system which will be equivalent of S-400; we have set a target of 5 years in front of us.”

About the export licences: “There is a permit process. The permit is issued as a result of the analyses of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence. The country is taken into account. Our companies and we are taking steps according to the green light received.”

“Our more than 750 projects are still ongoing. The cost of these projects is approximately 70 billion dollars.”

“Our tank engine is currently in the testing phase.”

“Our work on the deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles on naval platforms and vehicles such as

(IDEF’21) “Only I met with 40 delegates. This is a showcase. Thanks to the operations, our products showed themselves. They saw a wide variety of products. The delegations we met expressed these to us many times.”

“We used UAV/UCAVs. But our adversaries learned their abilities and their uses. Our opponents saw some usage data of national UCAV. If we stop at this point, it will be a problem. That’s why we keep moving forward. We have to turn to new technologies constantly. We have to be unstoppable.”

“I personally look forward to the TF-X, MIUS and our rocket to go into space.”