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Dutch Court Imposes Sanction to Israel

Dutch Court Imposes Sanction to Israel

The F-35 spare parts in question belong to the United States, are stored in warehouses in the Netherlands, and are then sent to various partners, including Israel, through existing export agreements. Human rights groups argue that by facilitating these transfers, the Netherlands is contributing to serious violations of humanitarian law in the Gaza conflict.

This decision was taken after the court granted an appeal from human rights organizations, which stated that the supply of spare parts contributed to alleged violations of international law by Israel in its conflict with the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

“The court orders the state to stop all exports and transit of F-35 spare parts destined for Israel within seven days of notification of this decision,” the ruling said.

While reading the decision, Judge Bas Boele emphasized the undeniable risk that exported F-35 parts could be used in severe violations of international humanitarian law, prompting applause from those present in the courtroom.

Government lawyers countered that banning shipments of F-35 parts from the Netherlands was meaningless because the U.S. could ship them from other locations. In December, a district court in The Hague had ruled that the supply of spare parts was a political decision, far from court interference.

The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, sparked by the terrorist group’s attack on October 7, has claimed hundreds of lives. Gaza health authorities have reported at least 28,000 casualties since the start of the conflict.