EDGE Group Receives Order for Rotary-Wing UAVs

EDGE Group Receives Order for Rotary-Wing UAVs

The order includes 200 HT-100 and HT-750 rotary-wing UAVs in total, representing one of the largest orders for rotary-wing UAV platforms to date. EDGE Group has acquired 52 per cent of shareholdings of EU-based ANAVIA and its rotary-wing unmanned platform, acquiring the HT-100 platform in the process.

HT-100 is a rotary-wing UAV featuring side-by-side rotors, unlike its counterparts like Camcopter S-100. The UAV is powered by a turboshaft engine, generating 15 kW (20 hp) of power. The turboshaft engine provides a maximum altitude of 4000 m and an endurance of six hours.

With a payload capacity of 60 kg, HT-100 has varying ranges for different payloads:

  • 100 km for 51 kg
  • 200 km for 43 kg
  • 400 km for 29 kg
  • 600 km for 14 kg

There has been no image of the HT750 rotary-wing UAV, but it is more likely to be a larger model to carry heavier payloads.

Rotary-wing UAVs sporting a similar layout to helicopters can conduct a wide array of missions such as logistics, surveillance, SIGINT, anti-submarine warfare, and border security. These platforms can take some of the mission load from helicopters, especially in ISR and light logistic support missions, thanks to their ease of operation and maintenance compared to larger manned helicopters.

Turkiye is another investor in this field with two companies: TİTRA and TUSAŞ. TİTRA’s ALPİN is a piston engine-powered platform with a payload capacity of 200 kg and an endurance of nine hours. 

TUSAŞ’s Cargo UAV is a lighter platform unveiled at "le Bourget Airshow 2023" in Paris. The UAV can carry 80 kg of payload for one hour and 50 kg for three hours. TUSAŞ’s former Executive Vice President for Unmanned Systems, Ömer Yıldız, stated to Anadolu News Agency that larger platforms with payload capacities of 300 kg and 500 kg will be developed after gaining experience with the first one.