Eurosam Shows SAMP/T NG Air Defence System

Eurosam Shows SAMP/T NG Air Defence System Photo Credit: Air & Cosmos

Compared to the baseline SAMP/T, SAMP/T NG takes on a layered approach with enhancement to its main capability, long-range air defence. The joint project between Italy and France to provide a long-range air defence system with capabilities against air-breathing targets and ballistic missiles has been developing for roughly five years. SAMP/T NG battery will consist of two radar options from France and Italy. 

France offers Ground Fire 300 AESA radar with ballistic missile defence capability and an instrumented range of 400 km, depending on the scanning mode. Italy offers Kronos Grand Mobile with track-on-jam capability and optional C-RAM mode with an instrumented range of 300 km. On the missile side, introducing Aster Block 1 NT missiles is expected to provide better performance against TBMs and SRBMs. 

Aster Block 1 NT provides an extended range of 150 km with a revised booster section and new Ka-band RF seeker. Compared to the previous Ku-band seeker of Aster 30 Block 1, the Ka-band seeker provides an extended scanning range and higher precision. These improvements will allow Aster 30 Block 1 NT missiles to intercept ballistic missiles with ranges up to 600 km. However, surprisingly, Aster Block 1 NT isn’t the only new missile for the system. SAMP/T NG will feature short-range air defence missiles to cover against threats that might not be intercepted because of the Aster 30 missiles’ flight envelope. Like the radars, Italy prefers the CAMM missiles, while France prefers the MICA NG.