FAC-55 Construction Will Begin in 2022

FAC-55 Construction Will Begin in 2022

Turkish Fast Patrol Boat project is about the pass another milestone. President of Defence Industries (SSB) Professor İsmail Demir said, “The construction process of the prototype in the project will begin in 2022. The design is clear; the maturation process of the systems on it has continued.” Demir’s words indicate that decisions are made about weapon and propulsion systems to fit into the ship design.

The Term-1 Phase Design Contract of the project was signed on 31 August 2020 between the SSB and STM Defence. The phase had a 24-month timetable where STM would reveal more than one design with alternatives for propulsion system and armament. When the SSB and Turkish Naval Forces choose one of these designs, the next Term-II Prototype Construction Contract will begin. This would have a 30-month timetable to start the production. This time is about deciding about the shipyard. As previously stated in TurDef, about the naval project, the SSB and the Navy need to agree on the shipyard to be worked together. While the SSB wants private shipyards to be preferred and the acquired talent to be exported, the Navy prefers the changes on the project not to waste time.Once the production starts, it will have 54 months to complete it. A calendar will be signed, and the ship will be built in the shipyard deemed appropriate.FAC-55 Construction Will Begin in 2022The ship’s weapon systems will include a 76 mm naval gun, eight Anti-Ship Guided Missiles, two 12.7 mm STAMPs and one CIWS.Within the framework of the CAATSA applied to Turkey, it is foreseen that the machine and weapon systems will proceed with a domestic configuration whenever possible. The 76mm cannon from Machine and Chemistry Industry A.Ş (MKE) may replace the Leonardo/Oto Melara-made 76mm naval gun. MKE shared the first shot of the 76 mm cannon on 10 November. Turkish one will fire 80 rounds per minute, while Otomelare’s Speedfire has 120 rounds per minute.Technical SpecsMain Dimensions

Length Overall62.67 meters
Length Waterline55.98 meters
Maximum Width9.84 meters
Draft1.68 meters
Displacement535 tons
Maximum Speed55+ knots
Economical Speed18 knots

Main Propulsion

COGAG 28 MW +3 x water jets