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Israel Breaks its Defence Exports Records: $ 12.5 Billion

Israel Breaks its Defence Exports Records: $ 12.5 Billion

Israeli Defence Ministry announced from its social media accounts that the defence and aerospace export scope doubled in less than a decade and completed a jump of about 50 per cent in three years. Almost a quarter of the contracts signed in 2022 are for UAVs and drones.

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The CEO of the Ministry of Defence, Colonel Eyal Zamir and the head of the Military Export Division 'Sibet', Tel Yair Coles, reported today a new record in the military export scope for 2022 and signing new contracts for $ 12,546 billion. The data was presented at the conference of defence industry officials, headed by the Minister of Defence, Yoav Galent, at the Ministry of Defence, Tel Aviv.

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The presentation underlined that the war in Ukraine was an accelerator of procurement budgets and equipping programmes in Europe and other regions. The chart indicates that not only the procurement process accelerates, but also the volume increases.

This is the highest turnout ever, and a new record has been set for signing new contracts for the second year in a row. The Ministry of Defence has recently defined military export as a super task. 
The security export to the Abraham Agreement countries reached about $ 3 billion.