Japan's National Security Strategy will be Revised

Japan's National Security Strategy will be Revised

Japan is considering revising National Security Strategy, according to Japan Times. The government sources speaking to daily stated that the strategy paper presents medium- to long-term guidelines for defence and foreign policies.

According to the publication, the updated policy will call for increased economic security in the face of China"s growing assertiveness. The focus will be on whether the projected purchase of capabilities to strike enemy bases is included in the new document.

The plan, which is expected to last about ten years, will be altered for the first time since it was unveiled in December 2013 during Prime Minister Shinzo Abe"s second government. The plan superseded the core national defence policy established in 1957 by Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi, Abe"s grandfather.

The government will also examine its National Defence Program Guidelines, which establish defence build-up aims and its Medium-Term Defence Program, which specifies build-up plans for the next five years.


Given China"s and North Korea"s advances in developing advanced missiles that are difficult to intercept, some argue that Japan should quickly acquire the capability to target enemy facilities to reinforce deterrence.

The new policy is also likely to push for further collaboration with the United States, Australia, and India under the "Quad" framework and with European nations such as the United Kingdom and France.