Leonardo Presents the AW249 Fenice at Eurosatory

Leonardo Presents the AW249 Fenice at Eurosatory

Leonardo unveiled its new attack helicopter, the AW249 Fenice, for the first time at the international defence show Eurosatory 2024 in Paris. Leonardo, an Italian military corporation, unveiled its new attack helicopter, the AW249 Fenice, created for the Italian Army to replace the A129 Mangusta at Eurosatory 2024. The helicopter's digital architecture and expanded capabilities make it suitable for Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) scenarios. Its open architecture allows for incorporating new subsystems and powerful sensor suites like LIDAR, millimetre wave radar, and infrared cameras. Furthermore, the helicopter features an integrated battle management system (BMS) that enables it to function as a node in the digital battlespace, improving the crew's situational awareness.

The AW249 features stealth technologies. The design incorporates an infrared suppressor, which considerably decreases the thermal signature. The AW249 contains a self-protection package, which includes an infrared countermeasure system and danger detection sensors, ensuring crew safety during combat operations. To save development costs on the AW249, Leonardo reused several dynamic components from the AW149 helicopter, including the main rotor. 

The AW249, powered by two General Electric CT7-8E6 engines, had a maximum cruising speed of 155 knots and a cargo capacity of 2,800 kilogrammes. The AW249 is armed with a variety of missiles and rockets, including Rafael's Spike ER2 missile, which has a range of up to 16 km, and the OTO Melara TM197B 20 mm chin-mounted cannon. The AW249 is intended for future manned-unmanned cooperation capability (MUM-T), which allows drone integration and control to increase range and operational capabilities. 

Austria and Turkiye imported AW129 Mangusta. Turkiye replaced engines with more powerful ones and installed new avionics. The helicopter, T129, was exported to the Philippines.