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Macedonia donates 4 Su-25 attack jets to Ukraine

Macedonia donates 4 Su-25 attack jets to Ukraine

Macedonia is reported to have donated four Su-25 attack jets to Ukraine. Earlier in July, Macedonia had donated T-72 tanks to Ukraine and disbanded this tank battalion in its army. However, there has been no official announcement from the two countries regarding the transfer of the Soviet-made weapons system. 

Macedonia took delivery of four Su-25s in a hurry in 2001 for use against Albanian rebels. Three single-seat aircraft variants were procured from Ukraine; one was a tandem version obtained from Belarus. The four aircraft subsequently ceased flying in 2004 and have not been used since. Currently, four Su-25s are being donated to Ukraine, of which three were Ukrainian gifts in the past.

This is not North Macedonia’s first donation to Ukraine. Skopje announced that it intended to donate about 8-10 T-72 tanks, also of Soviet design, to Kyiv. North Macedonia has approximately 30 T-72 units in its inventory.