MKE has New Naval Gun Test Fires

MKE has New Naval Gun Test Fires

he Defence Ministry subsidiary, the MKE A.Ş , tested the 76 mm Naval Gun in the presence of Defence Minister Hulusi Akar. The cannon was tested for the first time on land on November 8th, and the results were made public on November 10th. This time, test fires are carried out in Konya. Through a video message, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan complimented the tests.

MKE A.Ş. held test firings of the 76 MM Naval Gun in Konya. The fires are carried out on the ground as part of test process. The gun was fired for ten times in seven seconds. The Gun will be used for serial shots, therefore serial tests are more important than the previous tests.

At the video message, Erdoğan stated in sum, "I hope that the national naval gun ground fire tests are effective. Naval guns are armament systems that have emerged as an essential component of fleets. These armament systems, which represent a warship's striking capacity, play crucial roles on the battlefield. We introduced a naval cannon to our defence industry in Turkey approximately a year ago to localise it. We intend to reduce Turkey's foreign reliance on the naval gun, just as we do in other domains.”

President Erdoğan declared that there are explicit or implied embargoes on imported goods and applauded the firms involved. "With the combined efforts of the General Directorate of Machinery and Chemical Industry, General Directorate of Shipyards, and our enterprises İğrekFoundry & Machine Tools, Anzatsan Mühendislik, and Ermaksan Machinery Industry and Trade Inc, Turkey has once again accomplished the unreachable," Erdoğan remarked.

The naval cannon has an effective range of 16 kilometres, according to Erdoğan. It has a maximum rate of fire of 80 rounds per minute (similar to Oto Melara Compact, 85 rounds per minute) and five distinct firing modes. The national naval Gun, unlike present systems, is outfitted with a computerised firing control system built with domestic and national resources.