Naval Group Launches French Navy’s first FDI

Naval Group Launches French Navy’s first FDI

The lead ship of the French Navy’s (Marine Nationale) first defence and intervention frigate FDI class, also known as Belharra class Amiral Ronar’ch, was launched on 7 November in Lorient. The French defence procurement agency (Direction Générale de Armement / DGA) ordered the ship, and She should be delivered to the French Navy in 2024. She would be followed by four sister ships for France and three HN variants for Greece.

The French minister of the Armed Forces Sébastien Lecornu, and his Greek counterpart, Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos attended the ceremony.

The ship will begin her first sea trials in 2023, and she will be delivered in 2024. The remaining four ships of the series will be delivered by 2030. The Naval Group will construct three FDI frigates for the Hellenic Navy, with a fourth currently planned as an option. The FDI is a high-sea vessel. It is designed as a multipurpose and resilient ship.

She offers anti-surface, anti-air, and antisubmarine warfare capabilities and a capacity for special forces projection. Naval Group underlines that the FDI is 100 per cent digital and cyber-secure multi-role combat frigate. The FDI will be the first French frigate built to be protected against cyber threats, with two data centres virtually accommodating a great part of the ship"s applications. The frigate is equipped with Exocet MM40 B3C anti-surface missiles, Aster anti-air missiles, MU90 antisubmarine torpedoes and artillery. The FDI can simultaneously embark on a 10 tons class helicopter or the future Joint Light Helicopter and an unmanned aerial vehicle up to 700kg.

Technical specifications:

Displacement4,500 tons class
Length122 meters
Beam18 meters
Max. speed27 knots
Endurance45 days
Accommodation125-persons crew + 28 passengers