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New settlement at SSB

New settlement at SSB

The division for export development is dissolved. The head of the group Asuman Vangölü is appointed to the international cooperation department as an expert. The SSB has an only expert position within the institution except for advisers.

The head of the Naval Platforms Department, Alper Köse, is also asked to work as an expert. Cenk Cumhur Kıyım will replace Köse.

Head of Weapons and ammunition, Erkmen Özçelik, became an expert serving to SSB presidency. Mehmet Emin Dalfesoğlu will replace him.

Department of R&D and Technology management will be serving Vice President Mustafa Şeker, and the Department of Land Platforms will be performing under the direction of vice president dr. Celal Sami Tüfekçi.