Record Exports from Defence in July

Record Exports from Defence in July

Professor Haluk Görgün, President of the Defence Industry Agency (SSB), stated that a post on his social media account broke the monthly export record. Görgün said, "Our sector broke the historical monthly export record and exported 657.5 million dollars in July," and stated that total exports in the first seven months of 2023 exceeded 3 billion dollars. 

Görgün said that the route has turned to exports and added, "The reflections of the confidence we offer to the world in defence technologies will continue. We congratulate our companies, which have broken records by working shoulder to shoulder, for the added value they offer to our country."

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It was also noteworthy that Baykar's exports of $3 billion to Saudi Arabia were not included in the record set by Görgün. Thus, Turkiye is very close to surpassing the $6 billion export volume targeted for 2023.