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Red Light from Japan to PKK

Red Light from Japan to PKK

The Japanese Government took measures against those demonstrating in favour of the terrorist organisation PKK. PKK's assets will be frozen. According to the statement made by Japanese Journalist Ishii Takaaki on social media, Japan is taking some measures to prevent the deterioration of relations with Turkiye. A second step is being taken in the relations established 134 years ago between Türkiye and Japan. When it was detected that slogans in favour of the terrorist organisation PKK were shouted, the PKK flag was waved, and anthems were sung during the Nowruz celebrations, the Japanese Government took action. As a result of the vote held in the Japanese Parliament on May 8, the law freezing the assets of the terrorist organisation PKK was approved. 

Relations between Türkiye and Japan began during the Ottoman Empire. The Ertuğrul Frigate sent to Japan was caught in a storm and sank on the way back. This situation created an atmosphere of affection towards Turkiye in Japan. The second rapprochement in relations occurred approximately 40 years ago. At the very beginning of the Iran-Iraq war, Saddam Hussein, the then-leader of Iraq, announced that Tehran and the airport would be bombed and given 72 hours to evacuate the capital. A DC-10 passenger plane belonging to Turkish Airlines was sent to Tehran. The aircraft landed at the airport hours just before the bombing started. The aircraft took-off under the fire and brought 215 Japanese citizens to Turkiye. After this incident on March 19, 1985, Japan showed loyalty at the state level to the survivors and relatives of that flight crew. 

On the other hand, the TCG Kınalıada F-514 Frigate, which Turkiye sent to Japan to commemorate the ship Ertuğrul, will arrive in Japan on June 8.