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ROK to Deepen Cooperation With Japan and the U.S.

ROK to Deepen Cooperation With Japan and the U.S.

As reported by ROK-based Yonhan News Agency, Shin Won-sik underlined the increasing tensions in the Pacific region, saying, “We now face the gravest global security environment since the Cold War.” following North Korea’s recent increase in missile test activities and aggressive statements towards ROK.

Additionally, North Korea is involved in the Russo-Ukrainian War as a weapons supplier to Russia, providing the country with various types of artillery shells and, recently, ballistic missiles. ROK is also a supplier in the war, supporting the artillery and mortar shell aid efforts to Ukraine after a request from the U.S.

ROK previously allowed for the deployment of THAAD anti-ballistic missile systems by the U.S. This decision was met with backlash from China. The country is also working on its own anti-ballistic missile, L-SAM and glide-phase interceptor missile, L-SAM II. The latter was initiated following China’s fielding and North Korea’s development efforts for hypersonic glide vehicles.